Orthodox physicians treat fevers with antipyretics, pain with analgesics, and prescribe antibiotics to help kill germs that have entered the body. That is, they try and do the opposite of what the body is doing, to cure it. To stop the disease in its tracks as it were. By contrast, homoeopaths perceive that the body knows what it is doing and therefore try to continue in the same manner, prescribing a substance that is able to produce the same symptoms.

Orthodox medicine recommends the highly esteemed and fast growing treatment of vaccination, which is based on a concept to similar to the homoeopathic principle. Jacob Heller in his 2008 book The Vaccine Narrative explains how vaccination uses similar logic to homoeopathy, introducing a small dose of the same (or similar) thing that makes patients sick, to prevent illness.

Homoeopathy is most commonly used to support the sick. Isaac Golden’s research shows how homoeopathy can be used to prevent disease as well. 

Although the efficacy of homoeopathic treatments beyond the placebo effect has been challenged and criticised by defenders of modern, mechanistic, medical science, thousands of healthy users disagree – including the Queen of England, Beethoven, Tina Turner and David Beckham.