Simply put disease normal. Persistent sadness, crying, bleeding, pain, tiredness etc.. are all symptoms of disease. Disease is the result of the body trying to cope in a certain situation. At first this coping mechanism is helpful to the person, however, as the situation changes, the state is no longer appropriate. 

Physical symptoms represent the body's weak spots and are not the disease. After your body has been trying to compensate from the emotional drain for too long, it gives up and sends some of the stress somewhere else - aches and pains, tiredness, cancer, chronic fatigue etc. Trying hard to be something you are not uses a lot of energy and is exhausting and debilitating on the body. 

Recognising, understanding and dealing with the emotional stresses faced helps people heal.

Homoeopathy and Kinesiology are two methods of holistic medicine that understand what disease and health are, and therefore know how to cure disease and return people to health.